Look! Out there! In the distance! It’s…. A BLOG!

Congratulations, you’ve found my (hexapodium’s, or John if you’re allergic to all-lowercase screen names) blog! Obviously, not much content, and it’s not going to be the most frequently updated, but there will be some. Promise.

About me:

UK-based, sixth form student. Studying politics, maths, physics. All three are clearly the best subjects in the world, and therefore will almost certainly make up a fair chunk of what I have to say, especially that first one, considering it’s election season. You can find me on twitter.com/hexapodium, or indeed just about anywhere where “hexapodium” crops up as a name. I can be found at hexapodium@gmail.com, too.

About blogs:

Blogs are these wonderful internet diaries, that provide almost anyone with an opportunity to blast their thoughts on anything and everything into the ether, with no level of quality control. This is a major flaw, and so posts will probably be irregular, but slightly better-thought-out than the average tumblr posting.


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