EP Essay #0: About EP Essays

I’m working on what’s been termed by the gods of examinations as the “Extended Project”- basically, a little dissertation thing on a subject of my choosing. Part of the course as I’m being taught is throwing out the odd essay on a biweekly basis, on a subject slightly less of my choosing. Hence, they’re also going up here, for the sake of completeness- they make up probably the majority of my written output these days (in the absence of a proper essay subject), and it’d be a shame to put them to waste. Some of them are better, some are worse, but they’re all fairly sound and objective.

Concerning the EP itself: blend equal thirds philosophy, logic and critical thinking. Stir lightly, add preferred subject to taste. That’s about it, really, although I’m told it’s been making (small) waves in the media and marginally larger ones in the educational establishment. It’s alright, really; certainly I enjoy laying the intellectual smack down on people occasionally.


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